Bespoke Jackets


In an era where most tailors focus on alterations, this mom-and-pop shop likes to keep things traditional. Fittings services are also provided to customers when they come in for a custom suit.

If you are not in touch with current trends, you need not worry. Owner Herman Demirci keeps his customers up-to-date with the hottest fashion in men’s clothing based on what he sees in trade shows, like the one he visits each year in Florence Italy. Herman makes sure he doesn’t simply copy those fashions, but rather adapts the trends to general customer preferences.

Customers don’t have to feel the pressure of leaving the store abruptly and can browse through a huge variety of clothing with ease, while Herman walks them through what he knows will make the perfect choice. The experience is focused on allowing the customer to custom design his own shirt, pants, or suit. Consulting with Herman puts customers in touch with what suits will fit their personal style or occasion.

At Stoney Creek Tailors, suits and pants are made from one-hundred percent wool and shirts are made from 100 percent cotton, but the selection of fabrics doesn’t end there. Herman recently bought an abundance of reda material from Italy. Besides Italy, the fabrics also come from Asia including India, China, and Taiwan. Customers can choose from over 300 designs, making this one of the biggest in-stock tailors around. The stock comes in year round. Herman keeps the fabrics readily available in the store so that customers do not have to get it elsewhere. In fact, manufacturers call Herman first when they have to make a big purchase.

Beside fabric, the options for style preferences are vast. If you like the idea of having your initials on your clothing, Stoney Creek Tailors offers the option to monogram your shirt. If you prefer a certain cut in pants, you can select from high waistband to low-rise pants, back pockets to no back pockets.

While Stoney Creek Tailors carries every imaginable colour, most men gravitate towards black, navy blue, and grey. Regardless of your preference, the choice of indulging in colours, patterns, and styles are all up to you.

Along with personal style, Herman’s garments are also a perfect fit. The clothes are made to the exact measurements and fit the client well hence an individual will be comfortable and confident in the clothes.

And if you are the type of person who wants to design every detail of your outfit, including the luxury of selecting the fabrics, Herman will cut a piece from the bulk roll at the store before you leave.

Herman refers to Stoney Creek Tailors as a “meat-and-potato store” void of fancy decorations, or marble floors that you might see at similar stores. What he hopes is that the customers enjoy the unique and exciting experience choosing endless styles, colours, and fabrics from his store.