Does the term Bespoke mean anything to you? Perhaps if you are British. It is a term that means “tailored clothing” crafted precisely to a customer’s specifications.  An increasingly lost art, but well worth the time and cost for special occasions or simply if you have a body frame that does not adhere to “off the rack” sizes.  Every man desires to wear clothes that fit his body shape. However, it not easy to achieve that unless you visit a designer who understands what he/she is doing.  Knowing what men go through when selecting clothes, we have come up with a lasting solution to all men regardless of their size, shape, tastes and preferences.  Our products are tailor-made from high quality fabric and are produced after considering the exact requirements and needs of the wearer.

At Stoney Creek Tailors, our highly experienced staff can design or alter pants, shirts or suits to fit you like a glove.  Even better, as each piece is designed and crafted to your specification, there is no risk of “seeing yourself” on the street with another person donning the exact same thing you bought on a clearance rack at the mall.

At Stoney Creek Tailors, you will get the fabric and the look that is exactly right for you, and that personal touch that has simply disappeared from chain stores.  If you have an occasion coming up or simply want to re-vamp your wardrobe, contact the welcoming staff at Stoney Creek Tailors.


Our customers identify our shirts as ‘made-to-measure shirts’. This phrase is suggestive of what we offer. We consider your measurements before selling you any product. We also offer different designs and features that suit customer’s needs. Our customers include those who want classic, trendy or official shirts. Always bear in mind that our shirts are made from quality fabrics and they are priced reasonably. Price of shirts start at $125 per shirt, or $300 for 3 shirts.


We have fantastic ties which are made from different materials. For instance, if a silk tie has been your dream tie, grab one at our stores at a friendly price. Our ties are a perfect accessory to your shirts and it is what you need to complement your look. Ties start at $69.99 for one, or $100 for two.