Every season we handpick new fabrics to create our bespoke suits. This fall we selected a variety of of colors and patterns from Scabal to enter the new season. With soft glenchecks and herringbones ranging from navy to black to dark brown, you can enter the fall with a classic yet sophisticated look. With medium weight plain black and navy, you can be sure to keep warm for the transition for fall to winter.

A Bespoke Scabal suit starts at $1599.


Made in Germany, Lloyd’s suspenders are made of the highest quality. Made by expert craftsmen, Lloyd’s suspenders are the most durable and sophisticated looking suspenders around. With a variety of colors and patterns, you can easily compliment your bespoke suit. A nice medium blue paisley pair of suspenders can add color to your navy suit, or a pure white suspender to complete your tuxedo. We offer a range of choices to correspond with any color or style of suit.

Lloyd’s Suspenders range from $69.99 to $149.99.