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Be Your Own Label

It’s not every day that you walk into a clothing store and find something with your personal touch on it- a shirt, a jacket, or a pair of pants that isn’t mass produced. But at Stoney Creek Tailors in Hamilton, you are the designer of your clothing.
Specializing in tailored clothing, or traditionally called ‘bespoke clothing,’ Stoney Creek Tailors is not your average tailor shop. In fact, it is a full service tailor shop that sells custom made shirts, pants and suits for men.

Looking to Feel Good at Stoney Creek Tailors

We have all bought something that looked great but didn’t feel it. Just think of that wonderful shirt of yours that looks like it came out of a fashion magazine but leaves you looking boring when you wear it. Clothes should feel great but not require a lot of maintenance. At least that’s what Herman Demirci, storeowner of Stoney Creek Tailors believes customers appreciate about his custom-made shirts.
Herman says that most people like the idea of linen but shy away from it once they see that it is prone to wrinkles.

Tailor Your Gift This Season

If you’re wondering what to get that special man in your life for Christmas, why not get him a custom made suit? For many of us, this time of the year marks the beginning of an anxious stretch before the holidays, where thinking of the perfect gift can be a daunting task.
At Stoney Creek Tailors, gift certificates are a customer favourite. But it’s not just for the holiday season. Some of the more popular occasions for gift card selection are graduations, job interviews, and of course, weddings. Storeowner, Herman Demirci, says the most popular gift item is the custom made shirt. Last Christmas, the $1,000 dollar gift certificates were a popular purchase at Stoney Creek Tailors.

Size That Matters

Have you ever walked into a store with anticipation, but come out empty handed and discouraged? Many traditional stores carry limited sizes, which is why storeowner Herman Demirci makes sure that he carries an array of sizes for all his customers body types.
As a “big guy” himself, Herman, owner of Stoney Creek Tailors understands the frustration of going into a store without many options. And it’s not just weight that he caters to.

Your Local Mom and Pop Shop

In the middle of a small, quaint street in Stoney Creek Hamilton, sits a modest brown brick tailor shop, known to neighbours as their local Stoney Creek Tailors.
But don’t let its small windows, residential-like appearance, and panel finishes sway you. Nothing about this one-stop tailor shop is mediocre. Opened in 1968 by current storeowner Herman Demirci’s father, it began as a store for alterations. By 1970 it became one of the busiest alteration shops in Canada. The business was booming, and Demirci’s livelihood was made from alterations alone. But soon things changed.