stoneyHistIn the middle of a small, quaint street in Stoney Creek Hamilton, sits a modest brown brick tailor shop, known to neighbours as their local Stoney Creek Tailors.

But don’t let its small windows, residential-like appearance, and panel finishes sway you. Nothing about this one-stop tailor shop is mediocre. Opened in 1968 by current storeowner Herman Demirci’s father, it began as a store for alterations. By 1970 it became one of the busiest alteration shops in Canada. The business was booming, and Demirci’s livelihood was made from alterations alone. But soon things changed.

“When alterations went away, we went back to being tailors,” said Demirci.

The shop is still known for alterations, although they have expanded to include custom-made shirts, pants and suits for men. Custom shirts are also available for women and have become more common for Demirci who began offering this service for curvier females. The shop also specializes in repairs.

Many things have changed about the quaint looking shop, particularly trends in what customers want. Twenty years ago, Demirci remembers how people would ask for gap or seasonal wool—something that is seldom, almost never requested now. Clients are more likely to ask for name brand fabrics instead.

Many changes in services and materials are constantly being made at the Stoney Creek Tailors since it was founded when Demirci was a young twelve-year-old boy.

Soon they will be carrying a seven fold handmade tie under the Demirci brand. It is a silk tie that is folded seven times without a filler. This is a rarity among the fabric world due to its high expense. Demirci is hoping that this is what will distinguish Stoney Creek Tailors from other stores. And the expansion doesn’t stop here. “We will also carry belts, ties, cufflinks,” he said.