Welcome to Stoney Creek Tailors

A Unique Experience Tailored To You

At Stoney Creek Tailors, we offer a truly unique experience when creating your suit. We focus on creating suits that fit your body and suit your style. Whether you prefer single-breasted over double-breasted, peak lapel over notch-lapel, anything can be accommodated.

Exclusive Brands To Match Your Style

With many different fabrics around the world, we carry the best available for our suits. We carry Scabal, Dormeuil, Reda, Tessilstrona, and many more. Come in, and find your unique and one-of-a-kind suit.

  • 7-Fold Ties
    At Stoney Creek Tailors, we carry a wide range of men’s accessories such as neck ties, innerwear and vests, among...
  • Shirts
    At Stoney Creek Tailors, a bespoke shirt is exclusively made to help you create a style that is ALL YOUR...
  • Pants
    Stoney Creek Tailors designs pants that are created for you, to your exact measurements. We offer regular dress pants to...
  • Suits & Jackets
    The phrase Bespoke is a British term for ‘Tailored Clothing,” made at a customer’s behest, and exactly to the customer’s...
  • Saxx Underwear
    We at Stoney Creek Tailors know our customers need comfort in everything they wear. Whether it is your custom made...


SINCE 1968
Stoney Creek Tailors specialize in made to measure suits, pants and shirts. We offer custom tailoring with your choice of material, ensuring that you get the perfect fit and the suit to suit your style. Specializing in tailored clothing, or traditionally called ‘bespoke’ clothing, Stoney Creek Tailors is not your average tailor shop. In fact, it is a full service tailor shop that sells custom made shirts, pants and suits for men. But don’t worry ladies, there is something for everyone. The shop offers custom-made shirts for women, as well as all alterations – anywhere from your wedding dress to your favourite blouse, skirt, dress, etc.